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It’s been confirmed that Kuiil and IG-11 are coming to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. We're happy to bring you exclusive information about these characters and Galactic Challenges.

One of the first questions asked when a new character's announced is "how can I get this character?" Well, Kuiil and... (read more)

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has been announced to come to the game

Sith Eternal Emperor has been announced to come to the game

2020-06-15 07:00 pm

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker Developer Insights, Event Announcement, and Kit has been released. The event will be starting in 3 days, on June 18th 2020.

Kylo's kit and developer insights has been released

2020-03-18 07:49 pm

Rey's kit and developer insights has been released

The last set of requirements have been released. [Link]

2020-03-10 10:00 pm

The last set of requirements have been released. [Link]

The second set of requirements have been announced

2020-02-12 09:00 pm

The second set of requirements have been announced

2020-01-29 09:28 pm

Galactic Legend events are permanent events that will become available once you've met the requirements. The requirements are gated by relic and gear levels. [link]

Galactic Legend events are permanent events that will become available once you've met the requirements. The requirements are gated by relic and gear levels. [link]

2020-01-29 09:26 pm

The first requirements needed for the new Galactic Legend events has been added to the game. [link]

The first requirements needed for the new Galactic Legend events has been added to the game. [link]

2019-10-09 08:46 pm

General Anakin's kit has been announced. General Anakin is confirmed to unlock at 5* and will require GET1 for more shards.

2019-10-07 06:21 pm

Clash on Kamino has been announced as a new Epic Confronation.

2019-08-14 04:44 pm

Star Forge Showdown returns tomorrow.

2019-05-01 07:24 pm

Padme has been added to the game with the May 1st Content Update. The Aggressive Negotiations event is confirmed to start on May 2nd. The event will start at 10:00 AM PDT.

2019-04-30 07:38 pm

Padme kit reveal has been announced. Also we got some developer insights about Padme.

The event type has been labeled as an Arduous Legendary by CG in the monthly calendar. The start date is still TBD.

2019-04-27 01:23 pm

Carrie has confirmed that Separatist Droids are not required but it will be easier with them.

2019-04-24 07:13 pm

New Legendary event announced, "Aggressive Negotiations" with Padmé Amidala as the reward. The event requirers a squad of Separatists - any 5 Separatists should work however it'll probably be easiest with the latest. The event is described as "arduous" in difficulty. This event is likely to start a week from now.

2019-04-10 08:00 pm

Showdown at the Star Forge is announced to start on 4/12/2019.

2019-03-23 08:45 pm

This event has been described as very difficult multiple times by CG. The only other events that have been described as very difficult were Chewbacca and the Galactic Bounty Nest events. Carrie mentioned on Twitter that it should be pretty close to those events. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a Journey event which means each round may use a different set of characters. Don't depend on just a couple characters being able to carry you. If you want to wait and see that is fine, but have the gear ready.

2019-03-23 07:53 pm

Darth Revan event is confirmed to start on Monday March 25th. The event will start immediately following a content update at 11:00 AM Pacific time. This will be the first time an event start immediately. [Link]

2019-03-15 06:50 pm

Darth Revan event (Scourge of the Old Republic) will likely start on March 21st, however it's possible it could start later if there are issues with it going live that day [Link]

2019-03-13 01:08 pm

Darth Revan has finally been announced. Sounds like it will be a Journey event and requires Bastila Shan (Fallen), Canderous Ordo, Carth Onasi, HK‌-47, and Juhani. [Link]

2019-01-24 09:58 am

Weekly shipments features Old Republic characters which may mean that Jedi Revan will be back within the next week or two.

2019-01-09 11:00 am

It's confirmed that four Bounty Hunter ships are needed for the event.

2019-01-07 09:09 pm

With the new Legendary, Han's Millennium Falcon most likely coming on January 17th and JTR the following week, it's hard to see Revan coming before the end of the month at the earliest. February is most likely Sith/Dark Side which means Revan may not be back till March at the earliest. I would plan to keep farming for Revan as soon as you can, just in case.

2019-01-07 02:00 pm

Han's Millennium Falcon is coming and will require Raid Han and Chewbacca.

2018-10-31 01:00 pm

Xanadu Blood was missed during a content update and was released on 2018-10-31. CG back-dated the cadence date to 2018-10-17 [Link]

2018-10-17 08:42 pm

Jedi Knight Revan's event has been confirmed to be named Legend of the Old Republic and is an Ancient Journey event. The event will begin October 18th and was added to the game in today's Content Update.

2018-10-12 04:50 pm

CG_SBCrumb confirmed that g9 should be fine, the event will return (eventually), and the kit will be revealed next week [Link]

2018-10-12 04:10 pm

CG_CapGaSP comments on the difficulty of the event being "Not G12" and diffult will be similar to other Journey events. [Link]

2018-10-10 12:00 pm

Content Update brings Old Republic bundles [Link]

2018-10-10 08:50 am

Some event requirement information and date (Oct 18, 2018) has been released [Link]

2018-10-05 05:00 pm

A teaser was released which was a puzzle ultimately leading to Jedi Knight Revan being announced.

2018-09-26 08:30 am

Content Update brings Chewbacca Legendary character [Link]

2018-09-20 08:28 am

Bounty Hunter bonus drops are being added to help with preparing for Chewbacca [Link]

2018-07-11 09:27 pm

Imperial Chimaera event is updated for 3v3. Link

2018-06-06 01:29 pm

CG has confirmed JTR's return on June 14th Link

2018-03-12 07:48 pm

JTR confirmed to come back March 15th. Event has been added to the official March calendar. Yes, the event is back early compared to CLS. There's still a chance that it could return again in April/May.

2018-02-22 08:51 pm

We will hopefully see the event return sometime March

2018-02-11 08:58 am

If we look at the the CLS event, there is 140 days between when CLS first came and returned. If we look at JTR, 140 days from Dec 15th is May 4th. Coincidence? Maybe.

2018-01-30 02:14 pm

BB-8's event is most likely coming back in February. There is a spot open Feb 15th-20th.

2018-01-17 08:47 am

Imperial Chimaera is going to run 8 days this time so that it overlaps with the Home One event. [via CG]

2018-01-12 08:56 am

Imperial Chimaera has been confirmed to return on Jan 18th. It will end before Home One starts.

2018-01-10 01:41 pm

Rumors of Imperial Chimaera returning on Jan 18th (from datamined info).

2017-12-27 03:21 pm

We've been thinking about how CG will be handling events going forward. So far, the events have been released on a cadence and we can estimate when the events will return. However, they are constantly adding new events and bringing the old ones back. We are already had a point where there are several events going on at any moment in time (which is a good problem to have).

We believe that pretty soon (if it hasn't happened already), CG is going to release events at any point that fits their schedule (instead of on a release cycle). They've already made an announcement that they are doing this with Credit Heists and Droid Smuggling events. It only makes sense that they do this for all events.

Now some events may still be scheduled, but it will be interesting going forward to see when events return and if there is any pattern. Unfortunately for us, that means it'll be harder to estimate events, but we will have to wait and see.

2017-12-27 03:08 pm

Lots of questions around when this event will return. A lot of people think that there won't be another Home One event before it returns (because CG). If it follows the Legendary cycle, it may not return until around Feb 8th. We'll know more at the beginning of January. Since this is a new event type, it's up in the air when it'll return.

2017-12-27 01:56 pm

We are estimating that Rey's Hero's Journey event will return sometime in April. This is 4 months since the event first happened. This is based on Luke's Hero's Journey taking 4 months to return. The 4 month timeline is an estimate; CG can and will change this as they need. That being said, if you really want to get RJT, then you should start farming the required characters now.

2017-12-21 06:27 pm

Daring Droid has been confirmed to return December 21st, 2017. Just in time for CLS to return.

2017-12-21 06:24 pm

Luke Skywalker's Hero's Journey has been confirmed to return December 28th, 2017

2017-12-18 12:48 pm

The What's Ahead from the content update says "Who's in Command here? One only has to Look." Possible reference to CLS coming soon?

2017-12-07 10:12 am

Since BB-8 was brought back early for the Rey Hero's Journey event, we believe that BB-8 will still return in January 2018, somewhere around the 18th. This isn't the first time that CG brought an event back as a bonus, and after the bonus event, it continued on its normal release cycle.

2017-12-06 03:00 pm

There's a rumor going around that CLS may return after Christmas (2017-12-25) and before New Years (2018-1-1). We'll have to wait and see.

2017-12-06 01:03 pm

It is confirmed that the event will require Rey (Scavenger), Finn, BB-8, Veteran Smuggler Han Solo, & Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca - all at 7 stars. This will unlock Rey (Jedi Training) at 7 stars.

BB-8 is returning on 2017-12-08.

2017-12-06 12:08 pm

BB-8 is officially on the calendar for Dec 8th which most likely means he will be needed to get Rey.

2017-12-04 04:30 pm

If BB-8 is needed for Rey's Hero's Journey, then it is likely the event is going to return on 2017-12-7. If that does happen, it may be a bonus event and BB-8 will come back again around 2018-1-18. We will find out more concrete information later this week.

2017-12-04 04:27 pm

We moved the CLS date back. Originally when the CLS event was set for Dec 5th, we were thinking of the earliest possible time that we thought CLS could possibly return by. This way, everyone would be ready for CLS. The original estimated date for CLS wasn't until January and we didn't want to be the reason that people weren't prepared. Now that we are getting closer, we pushed it back. There is still a good chance that the event won't return until our original estimate, January.

2017-11-23 09:41 am

Rewards were:

  • 20 Zeta mats
  • 15 Omega mats
  • 500k Credits
  • 1 Mk 3 Cabanti
  • 1 Mk 3 Stun Cuffs
  • 3 Chewbacca shard

2017-11-22 09:56 am

CG has announced that we will be getting double drops from Nov 24th - Nov 25th. We will also be getting a special gift on Nov 22nd. They will also be running a 25% crystal promotion beginning Nov 22nd.

Official Thread

2017-11-21 02:51 pm

Vets will be farmable on Cantina nodes starting November 22

  • Smuggler Chewbacca - Cantina 8-F
  • Smuggler Han - Cantina 8-G

2017-11-12 12:00 am

Credit Heist no longer follows a cadence and is released as needed by CG - More Info

2017-11-04 11:27 am

The return date for this event is a toss up. We think December is a good date to target. There is a good chance it may not return until January/February though since December will be busy with the TLJ movie event.

Since we've never had a Hero's Journey event, it could be a 4 month rotation or even a 6 month rotation.

2017-11-04 11:22 am

Possible event coming in November/early December. BB-8 might be needed for an event related to the TLJ movie event.

2017-11-04 11:20 am

Based on last years event, there will most likely be double drops going on. Not much else is known.

2017-11-02 10:36 pm

Rey's Hero's Journey was annouced.

Possiblity of other events surrounding TLJ release

2017-11-01 06:18 pm

Few details are known except that there is a Rey's Journey and Rey (Scavenger) will be needed. The event was said (by CG) to start with the theatrical release of Star Wars™: The Last Jedi this December.

2017-10-31 12:00 am

Since FO is November's login character, definitely focus on FO

2017-10-30 11:21 am

Lots of rumors that BB-8, Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca, Veteran Smuggler Han Solo, Rey (Scavenger), and Finn will be needed at 7* to unlock a new Rey character

If this happens, the BB-8 event will return in November/early December

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