Galactic Conquest Beginner's Guide

2021-02-26 12:00 pm
Galactic Conquest Beginner's Guide

We recently sat down with some of the developers that worked on Galactic Conquest to talk about the new mode coming to SWGOH. This guide has everything we know about Conquest and some of the intentions behind it.

About Galactic Conquest

Galactic Conquest is a new game mode heading to SWGOH which allows a player to participate in a PVE event that takes place over a couple weeks. In the event, you will lock in a difficulty and play multiple sectors while choosing a path of nodes that is comprised of enemies, data disks Data Disks, and consumables Consumables. Each sector also has unique feats that rewards Conquest Keycards Conquest Keycards for completing them. The map has a “fog of war” in place that only allows you to see 2 nodes ahead. This allows you to plan which enemies you want to fight and which nodes you want to visit for data disks or consumables.

Conquest Sectors

During a conquest event, you will play as far as you can and at the end of the event you will be able to collect your reward crate, depending on how many Conquest Keycards Conquest Keycards you earned for that event. Once you reach the point where you can’t keep going, you are effectively stuck. You can still go back to previous events and try to 3 star them, or do feats that you may have skipped. Also, your roster isn’t locked during Conquest, so you can move mods or gear and level characters if you need to.

Conquest Nodes

Conquest map nodes are dynamically generated. You will most likely not be fighting the same opponents on the same node as another player. This means you won't be able to go to YouTube or Reddit and find the best way to min/max your sectors; everyone is on their own for the most part. Data disks Data Disks draw from a group of options, so while you may have a chance at getting the same data disk as another player, you may get completely different ones. The bosses and map layout however, will be the same for everyone.


Normal mode will be available at level 85 and recommends 2m gp. In Normal mode you will battle against G12 to Relic 3 enemies, with each sector increasing in difficulty. Hard mode will open at 4m GP (required). It will start at Relic 4 for Sector 1 and Relic 8 for Sector 5. Once you lock into a difficulty, there’s no backing out for that event. Each difficulty has a series of sectors that you will battle through with a boss at the end of each sector.

Depending on your GP and characters, the sectors should be fairly balanced and a player should be able to get through it one way or another. For instance, you shouldn’t hit a wall of Galactic Legends or something unreasonable hard. It may take some theorycrafting, data disks Data Disks, and consumables Consumables to do it, but it should be possible to make it. That being said, not everyone is intended to complete the entire event every single time.

Conquest will initially launch as an exhibition series and may change from month to month. The initial Conquest event will force every player to start on Normal difficulty. This allows everyone to start and learn about the event and be able to judge the difficulty and rewards provided from it.

Conquest Energy

Conquest Energy Attempting a node will require a new energy type that is specific to Conquest. Each node will cost an amount of energy and it will refresh throughout the day like other energy types. Energy is consumed whether or not you successfully complete the node. There is no daily bonus energy, but it can be refreshed with crystals just like any other energy type.

Conquest Credits

Conquest Credits One of the new currencies in the game is Conquest Credits. These come as rewards you will receive after completing battles and as you move up the reward ladder. They can be used in the new Conquest Store and on Wandering Scavenger nodes Wandering Scavenger that are scattered throughout each sector. The currency can be spent on different things including consumables Consumables and blueprints for the Razor Crest at launch. Conquest Credits are maxed at 3,500 and you are able to keep them between events.


Each character will have their own individual stamina pool. When you complete a battle successfully, you spend 10% stamina for each character that was in the battle. As you lose stamina, your characters will lose a percentage of their stats. If your character isn’t at 100% stamina, you can open a menu and see how the remaining stamina affects that character's stats.

Stamina gradually increases over time (around 1% per 30 minutes). There’s also opportunities to purchase stim packs to automatically restore a percentage of stamina on a character by using Conquest Credits Conquest Credits or Crystals. Players will definitely want to find ways to manage their stamina across all of their characters and find the balance between stamina and energy Conquest Energy spent.

Conquest Keycards & Rewards

Conquest Credits When you complete a battle or feat, you will earn a specific amount of Conquest Keycards. These points are added together and will determine which reward crate you will earn at the end of the event. This system works similar to Galactic Challenges except you also earn other rewards instantly (such as Credits and Conquest Credits Conquest Credits) as you move up the reward ladder. In order to get the last reward crate, you will most likely need to 100% the entire Conquest event, meaning 3 star all battles and complete all feats. For most players this will mean going back and re-doing anything that you couldn’t max the first time.

Each difficulty (Normal or Hard) will also have different rewards in the crates. Hard mode should have more gear and rewards geared towards what end game players are looking for. Likewise, normal mode should have the gear that earlier game players are looking for. Before you lock in a mode, you can look at both reward ladders and see what rewards they offer. So when choosing a difficulty, you will likely want to look at the reward ladders of each difficulty and determine which difficulty has the rewards and gear you care most about.

Data Disks

Conquest Energy Along your way through each sector, there will be nodes that allows you to choose 1 data disk (out of a few) for free. Data disks can can increase your stats or perform other mechanics to your characters. They will apply stats and mechanics at the same time as abilities do (not before mods), and they do stack. You can judge the effect of the data disk as if they are character abilities.

Data Disks

Once you choose a data disk from the stockpile, you can equip it. Each data disk has a “data cost” associated with it from 1 to 4. You will have a data capacity amount which limits the number of data disks you can equip at a time. At launch you’re limited to a total capacity of 12. To remove a data disk, it will cost a small amount of Conquest Credits Conquest Credits. So you will probably want to find the most versatile data disks you can find that works for a variety of your roster, as opposed to getting data disks specific for one team.

When choosing a data disk, you shouldn’t just assume the higher cost data disk will be the best one. The 1 cost data disks can be a lot more flexible and could have a higher impact mechanic. If you’re able to stack some of the lower cost data disks, you may end up with a better outcome than you would a 3 or 4 cost data disk. With that strategy though, it will take a longer time to collect the data disks you need (remember, they’re random), so it can be riskier. Data disks will likely be very important to your progression through Conquest and may allow players to use squads they don’t normally use. It will be interesting to see some of the interactions with the data disks.

For a more complete list of possible Data Disks, visit the Wiki Conquest page.


Conquest Energy Consumables are another new concept to the game. These are items you can purchase with Conquest Credits Conquest Credits or crystals and can help you during a Conquest event. They are available from Wandering Scavenger (merchant) nodes Wandering Scavenger that appear on the Conquest map as well as in the Conquest store. If a consumable has a max duration amount (2 or 4), it is per successful battle. Consumables do not carry over from event to event so you will want to make sure to use them before the event ends.


Currently some of the types of Consumables are:

  • Boosters - Consist of items that can increase your stats, such as Tenacity or Critical Damage
  • Medpacs - Can offer protection or health for a certain numbers of battles
  • Stim packs - Can recover your stamina by a percent
  • Tech - Can apply abilities to allies or enemies for a certain number of battles

For a more complete list of possible Consumables, visit the Wiki Conquest page.

Razor Crest

Razor Crest The Razor Crest is one of the rewards from the initial Conquest exhibition events. The ship will be available in Conquest reward crates at varying amounts and can be purchased from Wandering Scavenger nodes Wandering Scavenger with Conquest Credits Conquest Credits on the map randomly. It sounds like this type of release may be similar to how Kuiil/IG-11 were released with Galactic Challenges, with goal of the Razor Crest eventually being available in other ways, like shipments or on a node.

Wrapping Up

Overall this new mode appears to be one of the most ambitious game modes that CG has ever made. In the future we will likely see changes in maps, feats, nodes, requirements, and more. It appears that a lot can change between events, not to mention what else can be built onto Conquest. It’s definitely one of the most flexible modes they’ve built with a lot of promise. Be sure to join the SWGOH Events Discord and let us know your thoughts and opinions about Conquest.

** Conquest information is subject to change. Most of this information is for the launch of conquest and may change throughout the exhibition series.

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