SWGOH Monthly Login Characters

Below is a summary of the monthly login characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

2020/07 Clone Wars Chewbacca
2020/06 Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker added to the game
2020/05 Darth Traya
2020/04 IG-88 Mandalorian characters came to game
2020/03 Luminara Unduli
2020/02 Resistance Pilot Galactic Legend Rey & Kylo
2020/01 First Order TIE Pilot Galactic Legend Rey & Kylo
2019/12 Kylo Ren (Unmasked) Galactic Legend Rey & Kylo
2019/11 Royal Guard
2019/10 Poggle the Lesser
2019/09 Clone Sergeant - Phase 1
2019/08 CC-2224 "Cody" Rex, Fives, Echo reworks
2019/07 Geonosian Spy Launch of Geonosis TB. Geonosians rework. Brood Alpha added to game.
2019/06 Umbaran Starfighter Negotiator released
2019/05 IG-100 MagnaGuard Padme event launched requiring Separatists
2019/04 B2 Super Battledroid JKA, Ahsoka, GK rework. Padme Legendary announced.
2019/03 Sith Marauder HK-47 rework; Darth Revan added to game.
2019/02 L3-37 Reworks for GG, B2, and IG-100. Marquees for B1 and Droideka
2019/01 Slave 1 Return of Millennium Falcon event - Slave 1 was required for the event.
2018/12 Ewok Scout Contact Protocol (C3PO) was released. Ewoks needed for event.
2018/11 General Kenobi Clone Wars Anniversary
2018/10 Nightsister Spirit Halloween
2018/09 Rebel Officer Leia Organa
2018/08 Dengar
2018/07 HK-47 5 Old Republic characters added to game as marquee
2018/06 Lando Calrissian Young Lando added as marquee
2018/05 Han Solo Solo movie - nothing new in game
2018/04 Greedo Bounty Hunter rework
2018/03 Stormtrooper Han
2018/02 Sith Assassin Sith Month - Sith marquees added. EP rework. Sith Raid announced.
2018/01 Finn & Poe Resistance characters added as marquees from TLJ movie
2017/12 Rey (Scavenger) TLJ came out in theaters
2017/11 First Order TIE Pilot & First Order TIE Fighter
2017/10 Talia
2017/09 Captain Phasma
2017/08 Farmboy Luke
2017/07 Chief Chirpa
2017/06 Grand Moff Tarkin
2017/05 General Veers
2017/04 Pao
2017/03 Chopper
2017/02 Kylo Ren
2017/01 Finn
2016/12 Boba Fett
2016/11 Bistan
2016/10 TIE Fighter Pilot
2016/09 Scarif Rebel Pathfinder
2016/08 Wedge
2016/07 Jedi Knight Anakin
2016/06 Dengar
2016/05 Jawa
2016/04 Resistance Trooper
2016/03 Magmatrooper
2016/02 IG-86
2016/01 Cad Bane
2015/12 First Order TIE Pilot
2015/11 Nightsister Initiate
2015/10 Jedi Consular

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