Upcoming SWGoH Events

TB - Light Side TB & Rise of the Empire 2024/02/19
Places of Power Places of Power Assault Battles 2024/02/24
Smuggler's Run Smuggler's Run Resource Event 2024/02/25
General's Command General's Command Fleet Mastery Finalizer 2024/02/25
TW - War 313 2024/02/25
Endor Omega Battle Endor Omega Battle Omega Battles Omegas 2024/02/26
Training Droid Smuggling Training Droid Smuggling Resource Event 2024/02/27
Admiral's Maneuver Admiral's Maneuver Fleet Mastery Raddus 2024/02/27
Defense of Dathomir Defense of Dathomir Heroic Battle Mother Talzin Shards 2024/02/28
Stardust Transmission Stardust Transmission Journey Guide Fleet Mastery Profundity 2024/02/29
TW - War 314 2024/02/29
Jakku Omega Battle Jakku Omega Battle Omega Battles Omegas 2024/03/01
Home One Home One Fleet Mastery Home One 2024/03/01
Forest Moon Forest Moon Assault Battles 2024/03/02
Bespin Omega Battle Bespin Omega Battle Omega Battles 2024/03/04

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