Beskar Mando Event Requirements

2020-12-10 02:00 pm
Beskar Mando Event Requirements

The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) is indeed coming to Galaxy of Heroes next week, we talked to Capital Games and have learned about his event and requirements. The event will begin on December 16th, but there's no need to panic, Capital Games' main focus is to make Beskar Mando as accessible as possible for veterans as well as newer players.

The only real requirement to participate in the event is to have IG-11, Kuiil, Cara Dune, The Mandalorian, and Greef Karga all at 7 stars. There's no other hard requirement to participate in the event. So you're probably wondering what the actual difficulty will be then? The event's recommendation is only Level 85, Gear 10 for the final tier.

IG-11 and Kuiil will be the main challenges for most veterans of the game. At this point, they're still not farmable, however, the plan is that they will become farmable on Cantina nodes as "additive" drops from December 16th to January 6th. Then after the additive drop period is over, they will go to hard nodes as usual. The additive drops are said to work like Galactic Chase events where the drop rate will scale based off the energy spent on a cantina node. IG-11 and Kuiil will both be available on all Cantina nodes, meaning you can farm both at the same time.

If you're like me and you're trying to figure out, how many refreshes do I need to do to get both of these characters to 7 stars, we have a shard calculator that should help with that. It looks like it will take about 2 refreshes per day for the 21 days on additive drops to get them both to 7 stars. This is assuming a 4% drop rate like Galactic Chases.

The last big surprise with this new event is that it is going to the Journey Guide permanently as soon as the event launches. This has only ever happened with Galactic Legend events which have a very steep relic and character requirement. It's never happened before for an easier to gear event and will be welcomed to a lot of newer players.

To sum it up 7* requirement, G10 recommended, and will be permanently available in the journey guide upon release. This by far sounds like one of the easiest and most accessibly events that has ever come to the game.

Be sure to check out this episode of the Galactic War Report podcast to hear about all of this in more depth. Also be sure to check out our event page for this event as well as the panic farm calculator in case you still need shards. We also have a gear tracker you can use to see the gear needed for the characters required in this event.

Important Dates:

  • 12/16/2020 - Kuiil and IG-11 available on Cantina nodes as additive drops (after update)
  • 12/16/2020 - Beskar Mando event begins (after update)
  • 01/06/2021 - Kuiil and IG-11 available on Hard Nodes. No longer available on Cantina nodes (ends at midnight at refresh)

All dates are based in America. Updates usually happen around 3:15 PST

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