Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds


Last: 2022-11-14 - 551 day(s) ago
Reward: Past Conquest Characters
Event Type: Conquest Trials


- 4 Million Galactic Power
- Relic 3+ characters
- Tiers are locked once 330 shards for the unit are obtained

Each tier rewards 20 shards and are not shared. You can refresh each tier twice at a cost of 2200 crystals each time. Refreshing a tier only refreshes that tier.

Tier 1: Razor Crest

Victory Counts:
- 1 per tier (3x rewards)

- Relic 3+ Characters

Strategy Tips:
- Face off against Moff Gideon and a team of Imperial Troopers

Global Modifier (Remnant of Power): Whenever a character inflicts a debuff, they gain a stack of Imperial Rule, which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented

Imperial Rule: +2% Offense and Potency per stack

Enemy Modifier (Endless Ranks): At the start of battle, Imperial Troopers gain 1 stack of Endless Ranks for each Imperial Trooper ally (max 3 stacks)

Endless Ranks: When defeated, remove 1 stack of Endless Ranks from all Imperial Trooper allies and revive with 30% Health and Protection, which can't be prevented

TIer 2: Commander Ahsoka Tano

Victory Counts:
- 1 per tier (3x rewards)

- Relic 3+ Characters

Strategy Tips:
- Face off against Maul and a team of Mandalorians

Global Modifier (Perilous Escape): At the start of the encounter, all characters have -100 Speed; whenever a character lands a critical hit, gain 20 Speed (max 200); whenever a character attacks out of turn, apply Vulnerable for 1 turn; at the end of round, if a character doesn't have Protection, gain Stealth for 2 turns (once per character); whenever a character loses Stealth, they gain Expose for 1 turn

Enemy Modifier (The Code): Whenever a Mandalorian ally takes damage, all Mandalorian allies gain a stack of Clan Loyalty, which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented; if there is exactly one non-Mandalorian ally at start of battle, that ally also gains Clan Loyalty if they are not in the Leader slot; allies with Clan Loyalty have a 50% chance to assist when another ally attacks during an enemy's turn (limit once per turn), dealing 95% less damage

Clan Loyalty: +1% Max Protection and counter chance, -1% damage penalty when assisting for 1 turn

Event History

Date Days
2022-11-14 551
2022-09-19 56
2022-08-23 27
2022-07-25 29
2022-06-29 26
2022-05-30 30

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