Mercs of Malachor is looking for active guild members

Guild Info
  • Guild reset 5:30AM EST
  • We run 2 HAAT and 3 Heroic Pit per week.
  • Our GP is 92M. We received 36 LS and 36 DS stars on the last TB.
  • Average roster is 1.8M GP.
  • We're competitive, but we understand that real life comes first. We wont kick you out if you are off the game, just let us know.
  • 600 tickets daily
  • 1.5m+ total Galactic Power
  • CLS, CHS, Hoth Twins, Imperial Troopers (Work in progress is ok)
  • account
  • Discord account
  • Heroic Pit 24h 0 dmg, 6:05PM EST Wed and Sun. Fri at 10:05AM EST
  • HAAT Raids rotates 9:05AM EST and 7:05PM EST. Hold at p4, Open for kill when 24 hours remaining on raid
  • All members must use Discord
  • All members must have an up-to-date to view player rosters and coordinate TB

Join us on our discord server:

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