Mercs of Malachor and Jedha's Memorial is looking for active guild members

With a vast knowledge of the game between all of our officers and members, we're always willing to help the guild with raids and squads. We are a close group of people that just want to play the game and progress through new content.

Looking for those Han Solo, General Kenobi, and ROLO shards? With HPit and HAAT on farm and members focused on Special Teams, that will not be an issue.

What we are looking for:

  • Level 85 characters
  • 1.2 million and above GP
  • CLS, CHS, and Hoth Rebel Twins (work in progress is ok)
  • Working on Phoenix and Rogue One characters.
  • A commitment to do 600 tickets daily
  • Discord activity and a profile are a must.

TLDR: Have over 1.2 million GP? Want GK/ROLO on farm? Willing to contribute 600 tickets? Click the link below.

Join us on our discord server:

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